Tradeonyx Review

Tradeonyx Review

Tradeonyx is a deceptive investment platform that promises passive income generation. However, the reality is quite different, as is likely one of the potential fraudulent schemes. To safeguard your investment, it’s advisable to read this complete Tradeonyx review and steer clear of this broker. This Tradeonyx review also provides insightful information on areas to be wary of, particularly when it comes to Forex scamscryptocurrency scamsphishing scamsromance scamsBitcoin scamsGift card scams, and other possibly fraudulent activities.

Website –


Warned By – Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Switzerland)

Regulation – Unregulated, Blacklisted

Domain Age – 

Domain Name
Date Registered April 06, 2023
Domain Age 6 months, 21 days, 2 hours, 29 minutes, 18 seconds

The Illusive Promise of Tradeonyx positions itself as an online investment platform offering traders and investors opportunities to profit in various financial markets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, and forex. The allure of potential financial gains, coupled with a professionally designed website, has attracted many individuals seeking to multiply their investments.

About Tradeonyx Regulation

Tradeonyx is involved in cryptocurrency dealings as well. Notably, the broker maintains an aura of secrecy by withholding information about its staff on its website. Adding to the suspicion, the use of stock photos as stand-ins for supposed staff members has raised significant concerns. We are actively addressing this issue to have these misleading images removed. These deceptive practices expose the broker’s lack of authenticity and trustworthiness, making your investments appear less secure.

Furthermore, operational practices seem to lack clarity and authenticity. In an apparent effort to appear legitimate, they have acquired an FINCEN certificate for an MSB (Money Services Business) registration. Typically, offshore scammers often misuse such certificates by providing incorrect information during the registration process.

Is it safe to invest with Tradeonyx?

Contrary to any information you might have come across in a Tradeonyx review, it is essential to be aware that is strongly suspected of being a scam. Our advice is not to engage in investments with them.

If you currently have investments with Tradeonyx, our recommendation is to cease depositing any further funds with them, especially if they are requesting a fee for withdrawal. You mustn’t make any payments of this nature.

Victims of Tradeonyx scam can file a quick complaint here!

Tradeonyx Review: Social Accounts

We did not come across any links to social media networks on the website Social networks serve as a valuable means to engage with customers, and it’s common for established online stores to provide links to their social profiles. Therefore, websites lacking such links to social profiles can raise suspicions.

It’s worth noting that receives relatively low user traffic. While this can be typical in certain cases, it’s an essential factor for users to consider when deciding whether to engage with this website, especially when it comes to online shopping.

Negative Reviews and Complaints

Tradeonyx has amassed numerous unfavorable reviews, and traders who have engaged with this broker have filed numerous grievances.

After thorough investigations into this broker, considering the abundance of adverse reviews, complaints, and other indicators of fraudulent activity, we have included this broker in our list of warnings about scam brokers 2023.

Tradeonyx Review: Conclusion

The Tradeonyx scam underscores the risks associated with unregulated and deceptive investment platforms. In an environment where enticing investment opportunities abound, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and protect your financial well-being. Remember that legitimate investment opportunities are transparent, regulated, and built on a foundation of trust and accountability. Stay informed and vigilant to avoid falling victim to scams like Tradeonyx in the future.

If you’ve fallen prey to a Tradeonyx scam or any other deceptive scheme, you have the opportunity to seek recourse by filing a complaint against the perpetrators. By filling out a complaint form on our website, you’ll become eligible for a free consultation with our team of experts, who will guide you through the process of recovering your funds.

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