Otet Group LTD Review

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Otet Group LTD Review

Otet Group LTD operates with offices in Cyprus, yet adheres to offshore regulations in Mwali. Let’s explore the business considerations that led this brokerage to opt for offshore regulations instead of domestic ones.


This Otet Group LTD review of Otet Markets underscores the significance of Tier 1 trusted regulations. Additionally, it highlights strategies to safeguard yourself, irrespective of whether the broker is licensed or not.


Website – https://otetmarkets.com/

Address – Vasili Vryonides St. 6, Gala Court Chambers, Office 203-204, 63095 Limassol, Cyprus

Regulation Status – Unregulated

Warning – Not recommended by review website like Cyber Scam Recovery


Otet Group LTD Review: Regulation


Otet Group LTD asserts its regulation by the MWALI INTERNATIONAL SERVICES AUTHORITY (MISA) and registration with the Marshall Islands Registry (IRI). Our investigation into both entities revealed a corresponding entry, but notably, the IRI registration for the company was nullified. Furthermore, it’s important to note that MISA and IRI do not regulate forex brokers or issue forex licenses. Simply being registered does not imply authorization to offer financial services.


In reality, Otet Group LTD lacks valid regulation from any authorized forex regulatory body. Consequently, investors’ funds with this broker are at risk and lack protection under any applicable laws.


Otet Group LTD Review: Trading Conditions


This brokerage offers a startling leverage of 1:3000, posing a severe risk of rapid loss if trades aren’t meticulously managed. More concerning is the absence of negative balance protection, leaving traders vulnerable to potential debts. Additionally, the lack of precision in stating spreads, fees, and commissions is notable, as the broker merely asserts normal or minimum requirements, acknowledging the subjective nature of such terms.


Withdrawal Problems


Navigating withdrawal procedures with ambiguous conditions can be a daunting experience. Currently, the company exclusively accepts cryptocurrencies, which raises concerns about limited payment options. Despite withdrawals being completed within 24 hours, it’s essential to note the commission ranging from 0.25% to 0.75%. Additionally, the irreversible and anonymous nature of crypto transfers contrasts with the potential for card purchases to be reversed through chargebacks.


Negative Reviews and Complaints


A concerning indication is the company’s nearly 40% negative reviews. Most comments on review websites are unfavorable, a clear red flag suggesting potential issues and dissatisfaction among users.


Otet Group LTD Review: Customer Support


Regarding contact options, the company has made significant efforts, providing a wide array, including some encrypted ones. However, it’s essential not to easily buy into stories claiming they are for your protection. You can contact the company through email, phone, Telegram, and WhatsApp. Additionally, the option to send a ticket or initiate a live chat is available.


Educational Resource


Otet Group LTD lacks specific information regarding the availability of educational resources in their provided details. Prospective traders should directly contact the broker or visit their official website to verify the provision of educational materials, tutorials, or resources aimed at assisting traders in gaining knowledge and skills related to financial market trading. Reputable brokers often offer resources like articles, webinars, videos, and trading guides to aid traders in enhancing their market understanding and refining their trading strategies.




In the face of mounting evidence and red flags, it is crucial for potential investors to exercise extreme caution when considering involvement with Otet Group LTD. The combination of dubious regulatory claims, high-risk leverage, lack of educational resources, limited payment options, and withdrawal issues paints a concerning picture.


The Otet Group LTD scam serves as a stark reminder of the importance of due diligence in safeguarding one’s financial interests in the realm of online trading.


If you have been deceived by a scam such as the Otet Group LTD scam or a similar fraudulent scheme, there’s no need to panic – you are not isolated in this experience. Take proactive measures by reporting the incident using our complaint form. Access a free consultation with our experts who can assist you in the recovery process of your funds.

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