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Lubovuniverse.com Review

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Lubovuniverse.com Review

Lubouniverse.com seems to be a suspicious website as the website seems to be very new and the website lacks a lot of information and necessary pages. Even a number of pages in the website are missing original texts and they have the dummy texts in them. The withdrawal options and other information which are crucial are completely missing.

Cyber Scam Recovery Team has got a number of complaints against the Lubovuniverse.com broker and the victims have complained that they have been victimized by this broker. The only way to contact them is through email which is support@lubovuniverse.com. Therefore we advise traders to stay away from such scam brokers as there is no guarantee that their money will be safe when invested on the assets offered by this broker. Please be aware of such unregulated and anonymous entities and stay safe in investing.

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