Invesa Capital Review

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Invesa Capital Review

Invesa Capital Review: Introduction

Invesa Capital is an unscrupulous forex broker that employs deceptive tactics to mislead investors into believing that it operates within the bounds of legality and ethics. Furthermore, it purports to be registered in South Africa, a nation with a substantial demand for financial services.

However, despite these alluring claims, the company’s credibility is questionable at best. Their website is replete with superfluous information and license numbers, seemingly designed to mask the stark reality that InvesaCapital lacks any genuine forex license.

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Website –

Address – 2nd Floor, Rivonia Village, Cnr Mutual Road & Rivonia Boulevard, Rivonia, 2191 Johannesburg, South Africa & Arch. Makariou III 198, Marinos Court, 1st floor, flat/office 13, 3030 Limassol, Cyprus

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Regulated – Unregulated

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Domain Name
Date Registered February 04, 2021
Domain Age 2 years, 8 months, 21 days, 3 hours, 15 minutes, 26 seconds


The Elusive Company Information

One of the initial warning signs with Invesa Capital is the enigmatic nature of its “Company Information” section. The website presents a web of brand names, addresses, and license numbers, giving the impression of a vast network of affiliated entities. However, the complexity of this information makes it incredibly challenging to decipher. Many prospective investors have been left perplexed by the multitude of entities, often unable to make sense of it all.

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The Dubious South African Connection

Invesa Capital claims to be operated by Imermarket (PTY) LTD, a Johannesburg-based investment company. South Africa, with its growing demand for financial services, may seem like a plausible location for such an endeavor. However, suspicions arise when one attempts to verify the association between Invesa Capital and Imermarket (PTY) LTD. Despite the claims, there is a glaring lack of verifiable sources linking the two brands in any substantial manner.

Invesa Capital Review: Lack of Regulated License

Among the most critical issues that cast doubt on the legitimacy of Invesa Capital is the absence of a genuine forex license. Although the website is adorned with license numbers, these digits seem more like a façade than a testament to their authenticity. These license numbers fail to hold up under scrutiny, leaving investors to question the legitimacy of Invesa Capital’s operations.

Invesa Capital Review: Trading Platform

In contrast to its self-proclaimed “world-class” status, the Invesa Capital platform turns out to be a rather standard web-based trading platform. Furthermore, they offer the allure of a demo account, which is generally a valuable tool for potential investors. However, before you allocate any of your valuable time, it’s crucial to take note that trying it outcomes in a significant catch – you must make a deposit to gain access to the platform.

This seemingly innocuous requirement is, in reality, a glaring red flag, indicative of the dubious nature of Invesa Capital. It’s a common tactic employed by scams, as they often insist on an upfront payment before you can get started. Moreover, the platform itself falls short of expectations, offering only limited functionality and a rather simplistic design, leaving investors with little to gain from its use.

Invesa Capital Review: Trading Conditions

The minimum deposit requirement varies based on the selected account type. They request a minimum deposit of USD 250 for the Basic account, USD 25,000 for the Gold account, a hefty USD 100,000 for the Platinum account, and an astonishing USD 250,000 for access to their VIP account.

InvesaCapital’s promised floating spread, purportedly as low as 3.0 pips on EURUSD, hardly qualifies as an enticing proposition. Additionally, InvesaCapital provides a maximum leverage of 1:30, which can be perceived as a relatively positive aspect. It implies that the associated risks linked to high leverage would remain relatively manageable. It is imperative for any trader to maintain a profound understanding of the potential risks entailed in high-leverage trading.

Invesa Capital Review: Conclusion

If you find yourself ensnared in an Invesa Capital scam or any other type of financial fraud, it’s crucial to recognize that you don’t have to endure this ordeal in isolation.

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