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BTC20.com Review

btc20.com review

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The FSMA has been made aware of the website https://btc20.com, which is promoting the BTC20 virtual currency. Btc20.com claims to have an address in Belgium. However, any advertisements for promoting virtual currencies in Belgium through mass media campaigns must be notified to the FSMA beforehand. BTC20.com has failed to do so.

Furthermore, there are several red flags indicating that this could be a fraudulent scheme:

  • The FSMA has received numerous complaints from consumers who report being unable to recover their invested funds.
  • The contact information provided by btc20.com appears to be invalid.
  • Despite repeated requests for information from the FSMA, BTC20.com has not responded.

The FSMA strongly advises against engaging with any offers made by this company.

Additionally, the FSMA emphasizes that investment fraud is often associated with entities operating in the virtual currency sector.

To safeguard against such fraud, the FSMA advises investors to always verify the identity (company name, country of origin, registered office, etc.) of any company offering them investments. If the company’s identity cannot be clearly established, it should not be trusted.

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